2014 October news archive

31 October

UK could save £3.24 million by turning lights off this Halloween

If all of Britain’s households switched off their lights this Halloween – whether to avoid trick-or-treaters or just to get in the spooky spirit – they would collectively save £3.24 million in electricity.

29 October

National Grid report sparks concerns of dwindling energy reserves this winter

A report released by the National Grid has highlighted dwindling energy reserves, sparking renewed concerns of blackouts ahead of increased energy demand this winter.

28 October

5 ways to become more eco-efficient in the home

Energy efficiency advocate and writer Kate Critchlow discusses her top 5 ways to become more energy efficient and save money.

27 October

Wind farms overtake nuclear power as UK’s largest power generator

On Tuesday last week, the UK’s wind farms generated more power than its nuclear power stations, according to the National Grid.

24 October

Energy consumers could be missing out on £100 compensation from suppliers

Half a million households with unresolved complaints against energy suppliers are not taking their complaints to the ombudsman, and are potentially missing out on a compensation payout of around £100.

22 October

The National Grid's Demand Side Balancing Reserve Scheme looks to raise the bar on last year's target

The National Grid has opened tender for their Demand Side Balancing Reserve Scheme amidst announcements that they are looking to increase the amount raised to 1800MW. A spokesperson has insisted that the increased figure is not related to the recent fire at Didcot B power plant.

20 October

Energy comparison sites accused of “hiding” the best deals

Five of the UK’s biggest price comparison websites have been accused of “hiding” the best energy deals from consumers – but is it true?

17 October

Energy bills increase by 52% despite a 17% drop in consumption

Energy bills have rocketed by 52% in the past decade - despite consumption dropping by 17%. This comes after news that energy firms are failing to pass on cheaper energy costs to consumers.

15 October

A recent poll finds gas and electricity bills are still too complex for UK energy customers

A recent poll of UK energy customers has found that domestic energy bills are the most difficult type of bill to understand, despite recent efforts by Ofgem to bring some much needed clarity to the market.

13 October

Energy companies reject 1,000 authentic customer complaints every week

New data shows that the number of customer complaints being rejected or ignored by energy companies has almost tripled in the last year.

10 October

The Green Deal Mythbuster

When it comes to The Green Deal, there is so much information available on the internet, that homeowners are often uncertain of the facts. Find out what is myth and what is true with our Green Deal Mythbuster.

10 October

The Big Six on Track to Speed Up Switching

It was announced this week the that Big Six energy suppliers are on track to speed up switching times by the end of the year.

08 October

Green Deal energy saving scheme receives further £100 million funding

The UK government’s Green Deal incentive, aimed at encouraging energy consumers to make energy-saving home improvements in exchange for cashback, is set to receive millions of pounds in funds to sustain the scheme.

06 October

The government comes under pressure to toughen up energy efficiency targets to boost the UK economy by £62bn

A new report has been released, supporting recent criticism of the government's efforts to reduce the UK's energy usage by 2030. But, the Secretary General and the European Commission claim too much too soon would not be a good thing for Britain's economy.

03 October

Thousands of pensioners are now eligible for a Warm Homes Discount after government scheme extension

New government rules are set to increase the number of pensioners in Wales who qualify for the Warm Home's Discount scheme by over 100,000. But, Age UK charity director claims more needs to be done to tackle the UK's fuel poverty crisis.

01 October

Solar power is set to overtake gas and oil as the planet’s main energy source by 2050

According to a new report released by the International Energy Agency, it’s likely that by mid-century, the sun could surpass oil and gas as the world’s primary source of energy.