2015 February news archive

27 February

Wind energy subsidies are responsible for rising energy bills

Following calls for wind energy projects to migrate onshore, industry experts this week criticized government bodies for being too generous with subsidies in the past, which have contributed to rising energy bills.

25 February

Solar Eclipse threatens Europe's solar energy supply.

With the biggest solar eclipse since 1999 due on 20th March this year, and the use of solar power up to 10.5% - are systems operators ready?

20 February

Scottish Power announce profit increase as British Gas tease further price cuts

As Scottish Power announce a large increase in profit, British Gas have suffered with the falling price of oil and gas. However, despite this bad news, British Gas are teasing further price cuts for their customers.

18 February

Government investigation finds consumers are paying up to 30% more

Today the CMA have published their findings following an investigation into energy prices, concluding that domestic energy consumers are spending up to 30% more than they need to.

13 February

EDF energy suffers further setbacks to Hinkley Point development

Despite already extending development, EDF this week announced further setbacks to it's controversial nuclear energy plans in Somerset due to lower than anticipated profits.

11 February

Oil prices fluctuate.

With the ever changing price in oil what does the future hold for the energy consumer?

09 February

The government’s push for consumers to consider their energy options

UK Ministers are banding together to encourage consumers to play their part in making the energy market a fairer environment for all involved. Consumers need to engage and take control of their energy options.

06 February

Big Six announcement of increasing profit is met by criticism from Ofgem

Despite announcing price cuts throughout 2015, the 'Big Six' energy suppliers have once again come under-fire by industry experts after it was announced that energy supplier profit margins are set to rise again this year.

05 February

Big Six Cut Prices, but not enough, are you benefitting?

Prices from the big six have been cut, but after a recent study it has come to light that we could still be saving more.
Opinions are being weighed in from our own Scott Byrom, energy expert, Dr Richard Westoby, Director of retails economics at SSE, leading Ofgem and the Competition and Markets Authority to step in.

02 February

The Beginners Guide to Electric Cars

Electric cars and vehicles are becoming more commonplace on our roads. Here's all the basic information you need about electric cars.