2015 January news archive

29 January

OVO energy shame 'Big Six' suppliers with massive price cuts

Bristol based energy supplier OVO energy has revealed what savings are possible, thanks to the falling price of gas, by cutting their prices by 10.4%. This is over double the price cuts that have been recently announced by bigger suppliers, such as British Gas.

28 January

January 2015 Big Six Gas Price Cuts – Roundup

A summary of gas price reductions from the Big Six energy suppliers this January. Whose reduction was the biggest, and whose the smallest? What do the price cuts mean for customers?

22 January

Report reveals npower are the worst performers when it comes to customer satisfaction

An annual report has named npower as Britain's worst performer when it comes to customer satisfaction, with new smaller energy suppliers, such as Ecotricity, topping the list.

19 January

Big Six energy supplier British Gas announces 5% drop in gas prices

Energy giants, British Gas, have just announced an upcoming price cut of their standard tariff, due to take place at the end of February. This price cut comes just days after competitor E.On dropped their gas prices by 3.5%.

15 January

Labour claim energy consumers deserve compensation if savings are not passed on

Labour front bencher and Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint has criticised energy companies for not passing on savings from the faling wholesale cost of gas onto consumers, claiming compensation needs to be paid.

14 January

Energy Supplier Switching Times Halved

A press release this morning, from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), tells how energy customers have more control over their energy bills than ever, and a competitive market could see consumers save £300 a year by switching suppliers.

09 January

Wind energy whips up trouble for the government

The UK government has been recently criticised on two separate occasions for it's approach and stance on wind energy, so this week they responded to their critics.

06 January

Scotland Leads the Way to Renewables in 2014

For the entire year of 2014 as a whole, an amazing 98% of Scotland’s domestic energy requirements were met with renewable technologies.