2015 July news archive

28 July

How we measure energy - does it need an update?

An interview with Scott Byrom about the way we measure energy

15 July

British Gas to cut household gas prices by 5%

British Gas has made a sweeping saving for over 6.9million of its consumers by announcing its second price reduction in six months.

13 July

The legacy of high energy bills continues

The Government has axed the plan to make all new build houses carbon neutral by 2016. Planners and activists are up in arms about the radical decision that could result in unchanging high energy bills.

10 July

Budget released - key announcements

After the budget was released green energy companies could only sit back in reel in shock as the Chancellor slashed the renewable subsidies and also removed the Climate Change Levy (CCL) exemption for renewable electricity schemes.

07 July

CMA report finds that the big six have been overcharging us by almost £2billion – over 70% of consumers are on the wrong tariff.

The big six have come under fire after the most recent investigation from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The CMA has found some seriously damning evidence in regard to the prices consumers are paying for their energy.

03 July

The DECC faces 90% staff budget cuts – UK’s climate plans could be in danger.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) are to face a combination of cuts of 90% to staff budgets in the next three years – which has a domino effect on the Government’s ability to take on climate change and plans to move energy into cleaner sources.

01 July

Switch in summer before you get hit with a £200 bill!

When energy tariffs expire, customers are typically rolled onto suppliers standard tariffs which are usually their most expensive tariffs available.