2015 May news archive

01 June

World’s first tidal lagoon has sparked environmental row

The plan to create clean energy to last 120 years via a tidal lagoon in Swansea has sparked an environmental row in Cornwall.

27 May

New wind turbine generates power without blades

New, bladeless wind turbines are more efficient than traditional ones, and are ready to come to market.

20 May

SSE to close down Ferrybridge coal plant

SSE’s managing director - Paul Smith - comments on the situation, and explains why the plant is being closed.

18 May

Scottish Power is most complained about energy supplier according to statistics

Recent figures from Citizen’s Advice show that Scottish Power is now not only the most complained about supplier in the UK energy market, but it has also tallied up the largest number of complaints - 1,163 per 100,000 customers - ever recorded by one supplier.

13 May

Amber Rudd, newly appointed UK climate secretary - a closer look into her views on climate change.

As the newly appointed UK climate secretary we take a look into her previous voting history on the issues surrounding climate change.

11 May

The General Election Result: What does it mean for energy?

With the polls closed and the results in, the 2015 general election is over. The Conservative Party won a majority vote, meaning they’ll be staying in power for the next five years. But what does this mean for the energy market?

06 May

What each political party plan to do for domestic energy and the environment

With the election being held tomorrow, it’s worth noting what each party plans to do in regards to domestic energy and the environment. Click to see outlines of the main pledges from each of the parties.