2016 January news archive

25 January

Join Our Second Domestic Collective Switch

What is a collective energy switch? Why should you join one? For cheaper home energy of course! Discover why you should join the UKPower.co.uk collective switch.

20 January

E.ON Announces Price Drop and Market Leading Tariff

For the first time in six months, one of the big six energy companies have announced a price drop.

15 January

Switching To a Better Deal - The Best Tool Against Overcharging Energy Suppliers

Read our response to the news that energy companies are overcharging domestic customers by failing to lower prices in line with falling wholesale costs.

04 January

Families Are Skimping on Heating to Afford Housing Costs

According to charity Shelter, a quarter of UK families have to reduce winter outgoings to make ends meet, including skimping on heating and warm clothes to be able to afford rising housing costs.