BPF voices energy price concerns

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The British Plastics Federation (BPF) has voiced concerns over the government's current energy policies.

According to the BPF further hikes in energy prices will start to undermine British business.

"We are concerned about the growing gap between supply and demand of energy," BPF director general Peter Davis told Packaging News.

He added: "Experts are telling me that there's going to be another big hike in energy costs next winter."

Mr Davis made it clear to the news provider that he would be putting pressure on ministers to fund alternative sources of heat and power to ensure electricity and gas bills for businesses do not become unmanageable.

At the start of this week prime minister Gordon Brown was accused of failing to use his economic stimulus packages to benefit the environment.

The New Economics Foundation said that among rich nations, the UK has invested the least amount in green and renewable energy generation.

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