Brits 'pretending to be green while saving money'

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According to research, many Brits are giving the impression they are saving the planet but financial worries are actually taking precedence over green concerns.

Previous research has suggested that up to 98 per cent of people are taking measures to make their homes more eco-friendly but now it seems that many of those may be hiding behind the green agenda.

The study from Legal & General found that 45 per cent of women admit to taking green measures to appear environmentally friendly but actually doing it to save money.

Men were more honest, with 36 per cent pretending to care about the environment but secretly trying to save money.

However, only 17 per cent of men said they were taking measures such as turning heating off and recycling plastic bags purely to help the environment, compared with 27 per cent of women.

Meanwhile, a Sky survey shows that nearly half (43 per cent) of us are finding it harder to be eco-friendly, although 79 per cent say they are trying to cut down their energy usage.

The survey also showed that while only 22 per cent of people say they are driving less to help save the planet, 38 per cent are using their car less to save money.

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