Business energy costs could be cut 'by green offices'

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Business energy customers could take note of an expert's observation that there is an increasing drive among employees to make their company greener.

Paul Edwards, chair of the British Council for Offices' Environmental Sustainability Group, noted how there is a similar line of thinking between those who are in charge of premises and those who rent them out.

"A lot of tenants and occupiers these days have corporate agendas, and a lot of those corporate agendas include environmental elements," he said.

On one hand, building managers are being urged to comply with legislation to make their property have less of an impact to the Earth, while seeking the monetary rewards of improved waste management.

Mr Edwards pointed out the example of charges on using landfills. For every tonne sent to the site, there is a charge of eight pounds and he suggested improving recycling to reduce costs.

A recent survey by Avery found 47 per cent of office staff in Britain believe their workplace has become greener because of the current financial hardship.

Posted by Richard Eden

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