Business Energy

08 August

RWE npower set to shelf auto-rollover contracts for business customers

The 'Big Six' energy supplier npower has announced its plans to stop default auto-rollover contracts to business customers. The move is part of the firm's shift to offer its business customers more flexibility with their energy bills.

15 July

DECC scheme set to help large companies save £1.9bn for UK economy

The Government has announced new measures to improve the energy efficiency of large companies in a move which could save the UK economy almost £2 billion.

18 April

Don't get rolled over on business energy bills

Gas and electricity price comparison site UK Power is warning small and medium sized business: "Don't get rolled over". Many small and medium-sized businesses in the United Kingdom are still unaware of the practice of automatic contract renewal for business energy deals – also referred to as being rolled over. When a company is nearing ...

07 April

New rotation crops could be the solution to UK energy targets

According to a new study, short rotation energy crops could be the answer to meeting renewable energy targets in England. The study funded by the UK Energy Research Centre found that efficient use of England's land could produce enough biomass to generate approximately 4 per cent of the country's electricity demand, meaning household and businesses ...

25 March

Business electricity bills are high due to wastage

UK businesses are paying £300 million extra for their electricity each year as idle computers waste energy.

30 November

Businesses can save 'thousands per employee' with green measures

Businesses can save thousands of pounds per employee by becoming more energy efficient in the workplace, according to an environmental body.