Charity credit cards 'competitive'

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Some charity credit cards do offer very competitive rates, according to one leading banking group.

Alex Barnett, spokesman for Halifax, said that the cards offered by charities do compete alongside other credit cards - and that it is not usually a case of making an "either/or" decision.

"If you compare our charity card to any of the high street banks' normal cards, they are still pretty much as good so it is not really a 'one or the other' or an 'either-or'. They are, as a stand-alone product even without the charity element, very competitive," he said.

Charity cards are on offer from financial services groups such as Nationwide, American Express, Bank of Scotland and Halifax. Halifax's own charity offering donates £20 from the first purchase to charity and then 0.25 per cent on all future transactions.

"It is zero per cent on balance transfers and purchases for the first six months, so that is both, and then the typical APR is 16.9 per cent and if you look at most high street banks, their mainstream cards [tend to] have longer zero per cent deals but they are usually an 'either/or' approach so we do it on both," Mr Barnett continued.

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