Concerns re-emerge over chance of higher energy bills after more snow

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Following yet another bout of snow across some parts of the UK, there have been renewed concerns over the prospect of the bad weather leading to a rise in domestic energy bills.

New reports suggested March was the second coldest on record; with the extended period of cold weather seeing severe shortages of gas supplies as many homeowners cranked up the heating in order to keep warm.

In fact, with supplies at a three-year low, things became so severe at one point emergency supplies from Qatar had to be shipped in. According to data from Gas Infrastructure Europe, 93.71% of the country's gas storage sites have now been depleted.

Typically, suppliers trade energy on the wholesale market in two ways, the day ahead and the 'forward price'. While it is expected that with the warm weather wholesale prices are likely to come down, as seen in the drop in the wholesale day ahead price, at the moment, the cost of gas on the forward market has actually gone up slightly.

While initial fears of a rise of as much as 15% rise in energy bills have since been alleviated, the return of yet more snow and the UK's reliance on imported gas has ensured some questions over the prospect of a price hike remain.

In order to boost the energy efficiency of UK homes and also cut down the level of carbon emissions from them, the UK Government launched the Green Deal in January of this year.

Many energy suppliers are working alongside the Government to offer customers subsidies on measures such as installing loft or wall insulation, as well as fitting replacement boilers and other such measures in order to help homes save energy.

With as much as 25% of a home's heat lost through walls and a further 35% through the roof, these measures are just some of the ways in which homeowners can look to make their home more energy-efficient in the face of increasing energy bills.

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