Conservatives would 'overhaul energy efficiency rules'

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The Conservative Party's shadow minister for climate change and environment Gregory Barker has hinted that domestic energy efficiency rules could be rolled out to include businesses.

Speaking at the London School of Economics during the launch of an npower white paper, Mr Barker said the party would address climate change by moving the UK to a low-carbon economy.

Part of the move would encompass increasing the number if offshore windfarms, providing the UK with an electric car recharging network and support for decentralised power generation.

"For too long the UK has lagged behind the rest of Europe in energy efficiency," he said.

"Energy efficiency must now be the key benchmark of any 21st century economy," he added.

Recently, the residents of Green Lane in Leeds were praised for being the most environmentally-friendly street in the UK.

They have been awarded £50,000 for cutting their energy consumption by 25 per cent.

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