Consumers 'more demanding on broadband speeds'

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Consumers in the UK have become more demanding about the speed of their broadband connections than ever before, according an online advice service.

Broadband has said that internet users have been influenced by advertisers that tell them that they can have their deals at faster download speeds.

However, the organisation's product director Michael Phillips added that the demand becomes even higher when customers do not get the speeds and service they expected from a provider.

The expert went on to explain that demand was also a sign of the 21st century.

"I suppose if you think about it, ten years ago people were only just getting used to using email and now we're trying to send large files with our email," he explained.

"As soon as we get used to the benefits of something we just want far more from it than was probably ever initially envisaged."

Virgin Media recently released a report that claimed people in Britain are in a "breakneck" culture, in which they increasingly want and do everything as fast as possible.

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