Consumers should look at 'green' offers

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Consumers should thoroughly evaluate the range of green financial products available to them before making a purchase - so they can check the extent to which the offer matches their own needs against how much benefit they think it will be to the environment.

This is the advice of Stephen Hine, head of international relations at the Ethical Investment Research service.

He was speaking in response to recent claims which assert that the 'green' offers available from banks are often not well-explained or are overly expensive - leading to allegations that such institutions are attempting to cash in on the latest ethical trends.

"All consumers should look closely at the details of any particular purchase on offer, and the extent to which they feel it would make a difference to what they would otherwise be doing," Mr Hine comments.

"People should exercise due caution and think: 'Will there be a return going to the environmental cause … or will it make more sense to do it directly.' But again, it depends on the product," he continued.

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