Consumers turning to different methods of banking

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Consumers in the UK are increasingly turning to different methods to organise their personal finances, according to the British Bankers Association (BBA).

Lesley Mcleod, the body's spokesperson, said that the changing pace of many people's lives is making them use online banking services rather than common branches.

However, she also emphasised that bank managers and staff are still available for consumers if they need face-to-face advice on products, but people should take a lot of responsibility for their finances.

"Customers have a responsibility to keep track of their money themselves. It's not lack of information about their financial position that is causing people to get into debt," she explained.

"Banks are there to offer a service and they are happy to do so, but they are not a nanny facility for people."

A recent survey by Lloyds TSB found that around a third of respondents have spoken to their bank manager in the past two years, despite 50 per cent of participants admitting that their financial situation had changed in that period of time.

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