Credit card reward schemes 'are worthwhile'

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Credit card reward schemes have been described by an expert as "absolutely" worthwhile to consumers.

However, Donald MacLeod, head of cards at Sainsbury's Finance, stated that people must ensure they redeem any points that they do accumulate to take full advantage of the benefits.

Discussing the issue, he went on to explain that consumers should "explore" deals to ensure they suit their needs.

"How do I actually get the value? I can see the points mounting up but how do I actually turn those points into value for me?," he explained.

"They are the questions that you need to ask, otherwise you might be spending merrily away and collecting all the points, but when it comes to the crunch you can't do anything with them."

Recent research by Sainsbury's Bank found that over eight million people had collected rewards on cards during the past year, but only around three million had actually redeemed them.

It was found that 42 per cent felt that the rewards on offer on such schemes were too small.

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