Credit crunch 'shouldn't affect those who are good with money'

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Recent problems in the world's economy should not affect credit card users who are good with money, according to a financial data provider.

Moneyfacts has stated that as long as plastic is used wisely, there is no reason why people should not continue to use it, as cards can also offer consumers some protection when they make purchases.

However, the organisation's head of personal finance Samantha Owens added that those who are not sensible when using their cards will remain in as much difficulty as they would have before the problems.

"If you're the kind of person who has left balances on your credit card and are accruing high levels of interest then that isn't really how you should be using credit cards," she explained.

"They are very high forms of interest borrowing so you shouldn't be leaving balances on there and just leaving them to accrue and only paying the minimum repayments back."

According to recent research by Co-operative Financial Services, eight out of ten Britons worry about their debt, with the average person spending two years thinking about financial problems.

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