Davey agrees with UN report, calls for Europe to be as ambitious as UK

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Green Energy - Turbines Windmills

Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey has backed a new UN report calling for a massive shift in how energy shift in energy creation, but also called for Europe to be as ambitious as the UK on the issue.

The report - issued at a press conference in Berlin on Sunday (April 13) - has encouraged the trebling of solar and wind power creation.

Mr Davey, while strong agreeing with the sentiments of the report, believes other parts of Europe need to be as ambitious as the UK in moving from fossil fuels to renewable sources.

Speaking with the BBC, he said: "I want other European countries to be more ambitious... We can go green and we can do it in a cheap way. The cost of renewables has been coming down significantly."

The report was created by the UN's Intergovernal Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a body set up to provide a scientific viewpoint on climate change and its impact.

Mr Davey added: "The message of this report is clear. Greenhouse gas emissions have accelerated in recent years due to human activity.

"We need a large-scale change to our global energy system if we are to limit the effects of climate change. The longer we leave it, the more difficult and costly it will be."

Maf Smith of RenewableUK, the country's leading not for profit renewable energy trade association, offered his view of the tackling carbon emissions and the use of renewable energy.

He said: " "When it comes to taking practical action against carbon emissions, the most useful tool in the kit is wind energy.

"It's the most developed renewable technology we have, providing more than half the low-carbon electricity we generate in the UK."

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