David Cameron urges energy customers to "shop around" for best deal

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Following a number of recent accusations that the so-called "Big Six" energy suppliers are dominating the market to a level that prevents the development of competition, the Prime Minister has now stated that the companies will be under permanent scrutiny to ensure that smaller firms can compete, according to an article published by the Guardian.

David Cameron's comments followed a meeting attended by energy secretary Chris Huhne, representatives for each of the Big Six, the industry regulator Ofgem, and various consumer groups.

The Prime Minister, speaking following the event, said: "We are making energy companies be competitive. They're permanently being watched by Ofgem to make sure it is a competitive market, and we are making them make their energy available so that others can come in and provide customers with a good service."

He also added that the government would be writing to customers up-and-down the country, encouraging them to "shop around for the cheapest deal they can for their energy."

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