Eco-bling 'will not help cut carbon emissions'

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Households are being warned that microgeneration technology will do little to reduce carbon emissions.

Doug King, author of a report on the subject for the Royal Academy of Engineering, said that items such as miniature wind turbines are simply eco-bling, which allow households to appear to be doing something for the environment.

He recommended investing money in measures such as insulation and better thermostats if you are serious about cutting your carbon emissions and subsequently your energy bills.

"If you build a building that is just as energy-hungry as every other building, and you put a few wind turbines and solar panels on the outside that addresses a few per cent of that building's energy consumption, you have not achieved anything," Professor King explained.

The Energy Saving Trust recommends insulating your loft, tanks and pipes, or taking simple draft proofing measures, as a great way to save on energy bills. It also advises comparing and switching energy supplier.

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