Electricity and gas price rises on the cards

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Electricity and gas customers from the UK could end up footing the bill for the next generation of energy infrastructure through prices rises, it has been claimed.

According to UKNG, the overhaul of Britain's energy infrastructure is long over due, but the question of who should pay for it is a contentious one.

Energy firms believe that consumers should pay their share given that the services they receive as a result of switching to better system will improve.

However, many consumer groups are angry at the possibility that the cost of electricity and gas could be increased dramatically to pay for the development of a smart grid.

Audrey Gallacher, energy expert at Consumer Focus, explained: "Investment in the energy networks is needed, but companies don’t have a blank cheque and consumers cannot be expected to pick up the full tab - energy company shareholders need to pay their fair share of the investment bill."

Meanwhile, the National Grid has released a report, which shows the need for improvement in energy storage if the UK is to meet its renewable energy targets.

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