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After temperatures plunged to below -5.5°C over the weekend of the 21st November, there have been reports that Britain could be about to enter the coldest winter since records began. Alongside the plummeting temperatures, bookmakers have cut the odds on it being the coldest winter in a century to 3/1 and across the isles. It has been forecast that two months of unusually cold weather are to hit over the Christmas period. 

With these colder temperatures come ‘jumper wars’, which rage on between the constantly cold and the serially sweltering, in homes and businesses up and down the country. Whether it’s a partner, a colleague or a housemate, we all know someone who is serially cold. You get up to turn the heating down to save on costs and they get up after you to turn it right back up again. No amount of jumpers or blankets seem to keep them warm, and the only thing they’re happy with is having the heat up high. 

Temperatures are set to plummet even further over the course of this winter, and so it seems inevitable that a ‘jumper war’ will be taking place at a location near you over the next few months, where the only thing getting heated is the debate! This needn’t be the case, however, as one quick phone call to UKPower.co.uk can help you cut your energy bills this winter. Our customers can save up to £302 per year on their energy bills, so get in touch with us to put an end to those jumper wars! 

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