Energy customers 'need to be more aware of ESO'

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Gas and electricity customers need to be made more aware of the Energy Supply Ombudsman (ESO), according to new research by the UK's energy regulator.

Ofgem stated that since its creation a year ago, the ESO has functioned well and had good feedback from customers, but it believes that the service should be promoted more by energy suppliers.

Alistair Buchanan, chief executive of Ofgem, said that the service was an ideal "additional route" for energy customers to have their complaints resolved without immediately switching providers after bad service.

He added: "The ESO has made good progress in its first year, but suppliers must communicate more effectively the benefits of the scheme, which can award customers up to £5,000 in compensation when a complaint is upheld."

Ofgem's research has come after it unveiled a new energy rating system designed to help household and business electricity customers last week.

The new system has been created to help the public make informed decisions on the most energy efficient services and products in the UK.

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