Energy customers 'paying the price of broken markets'

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Energy customers in the UK are "paying the price" of "broken" energy markets, according to a representative from the industry watchdog.

Adam Scorer, campaigns director of energywatch, said that the public were being affected by the price of gas across Europe reflecting the cost of oil and bearing "little relation" to its true value.

He added that the government, Ofgem and energy suppliers should "take a hard and honest appraisal" of their current efforts to tackle fuel poverty if they want to help consumers.

"If the era of cheap energy is over, then the era of cheap solutions to fuel poverty is over as well. Government will fail to meet its fuel poverty target for 2010," he explained.

"Unless its acts quickly there will be questions about whether it has effectively abandoned the fight."

Earlier this week, leading energy company British Gas announced it was increasing the cost of its gas and electricity by 35 per cent and nine per cent respectively.

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