Energy UK chief Angela Knight urges shift in green energy policies

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Angela Knight has told an audience at a major energy convention in the UK that a shift in political thinking seen in the recent EU elections should also be reflected in the EU's energy policies.

The CEO of the main representative of the UK's energy companies told the Eurelectric Convention in London the EU should move away from "an emotion driven and expensive agenda".

Energy UK chief executive, Angela Knight, explained the EU was facing a 'trilemma' of meeting climate change targets, energy security and affordability.

She said: "Right now affordability is at the top of people's agenda and energy security comes in next…As surveys have shown in this country, the public do favour a move to renewable generation but at the same time, they do not want to pay for it."

Knight flagged up the issue of costs as something else the energy suppliers were blamed for, with energy firms taking the brunt of the blame for price increases, despite many increase being tied into policy making, taxation or a green agenda.

Renewable Energy Association chief executive, Dr Nina Skorupska, hit back at Knight's claims regarding renewable energy however.

She said: "There's nothing emotional about the move to renewable energy. Renewables contribute to all three aspects of the energy trilemma.

"We all know they reduce carbon emissions to limit climate change risks, but they also help reduce our reliance on unstable gas sources too."

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