Expert: Business energy users must be helped by government

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Firms and organisations on a business energy tariff require the help of the government if they are to ever go green and become sustainable in their fuel use.

That is the view of Mike Childs, head of the climate change campaign at Friends of the Earth, who says the national authority must do more to encourage investment in eco-friendly power.

He notes the government is currently conducting a consultation period on how to reform the UK's energy sector, which he believes to be largely based upon meeting renewable targets.

However, "at the moment, the proposals don't look as though they will give sufficient confidence to investors in renewable energy to put the money into the technologies and into deployment", Mr Childs states.

The recently published Northern Ireland Environmental Statistics Report 2011 reveals the country is targeting a total of 12 per cent of all electricity to be from sustainable sources by 2012.

Posted by Anne Yevel

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