Fact or Fiction: The truth about switching your business energy

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According to ‘Flogas Business Energy Report 2016', businesses which are likely to include warehouses, restaurants, offices, manufacturing companies and public sector buildings currently spend £7.1 billion* a year on gas for their heating and manufacturing processes. That is 24.4% more than they could be paying if they switched energy suppliers.

Many UK SMEs may understandably be frustrated to realise how much money is spent. Therefore, we are here to dispel some of the energy switching myths and adequately prepare you to take a step towards your business energy switch.

Fiction: Energy bills are too confusing.

Fact: 4 out of 5 SMEs state their energy bills are not clear and 1 out of 10 say they don't understand their bills at all. However, the only thing you need to find is a copy of your energy bill and look for the contract renewal date. If you are still unsure, you can use the Small Print Pointer tool which will show you where your key contract dates are located.

Fiction: I'll have to inform my current supplier about the energy switch.

Fact: 6 out of 10 SMEs had a bad customer experience when they engaged with the energy supplier. You surely don't want to be trying to reach your energy provider through email, phone and online just to say the contact is over. No worries! In most cases, we can contact your previous supplier for you or provide you with a termination template which will speed up the process.

Fiction: I can't switch my energy provider because it is a rented property.

Fact: Unless your tenancy contract includes energy costs that must be paid directly to your landlord, you can switch your business energy supplier any time.

Fiction: Switching my energy supplier will temporarily cut my energy supply.

Fact: It is simply not true. Your service will not be interrupted as energy will be supplied through the same pipes.

Fiction: The switching process is too complicated.

Fact: The current process can indeed be complicated, 71% of SMEs believe it should be easier to switch your energy supplier. Furthermore, 1 in 5 businesses who tried to switch supplier ended up staying with their existing provider. Don't worry; we got the message! You can either request an electricity or a gas quote online or speak to our team of advisors. Neither of these will take longer than 10 minutes.

Data Source: Haven Power Ltd. 

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