Firms want business energy CRC 'scrapped'

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Business energy customers affected by the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) may be interested in a survey showing that 45 per cent of firms asked would like to see it axed.

The questionnaire by npower found that 40 per cent believe the CRC is another term for a tax and that it offers no real encouragement for them to become greener.

Dave Lewis, head of business energy services at the supplier, observed that one of the key aims of the project was to help raise the priority of cutting CO2 emissions within industry but the government's measures have had the opposite effect.

Organisations are made to give full compliance with the CRC if they used more than 6,000 MWh in 2008 per year of half-hourly metering and, as part of the Budget, carbon dioxide allowances for companies will be priced at £12 per tonne until 2012.

Mr Lewis reminded businesses that if they meet the aforementioned criteria, their participation is mandatory but they must also "strive to implement the energy-saving behaviour that the scheme encourages".

Posted by Richard Eden

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