Going green at home could result in cheap gas bills

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Enjoying cheap gas bills can involve being greener at home, as well as switching providers for a better tariff.

Being green is not only great for the environment, it can also help out the purse strings by cutting the cost of gas and electricity bills.

In her interior design blog on terrysfabrics.co.uk, Helen Green suggests some top tips to help keep those gas bills cheap.

Attics are a huge source of loss of heat if they are not properly insulated and thus can drive up costs.

She also recommends letting the sun naturally heat up your home during the warmer days that are hopefully on their way and then using blinds to keep the heat in for longer at night.

Approximately thirty per cent of a home's heat is lost through windows, so investing in good blackout blinds and curtains which keep the heat in could help to keep that gas bill cheap, Ms Green suggests.

And with the government currently offering homeowners £3,500 to improve their home's heating and energy efficiency as part of the Warm Front scheme, there may be no better time to start living greener.

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