HeatSeekers hit the streets of Herefordshire

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Consumers in Herefordshire looking to save money on their gas and electricity bills will soon be able to pinpoint exactly where they are losing money, it has been reported.

The local council is set to deploy the HeatSeekers vehicle during the week commencing October 5th, which will use thermal imaging to see where the biggest heat losses are occurring in homes in the region, according to 24dash.com.

Developed by the Energy Saving Partnership, the device will identify homes that are in need of better insulation.

Operating at night, the vehicle will be able to monitor up to 1,000 properties an hour.

Keith Hewitson, director of the ESP, told the news provider: "The HeatSeekers thermal imaging vehicle has already created quite a buzz in the sector and we are delighted to see it in action.

"Our energy advisors are keen to spread the word about the grant funding which is easily available to all homeowners, which significantly reduces the cost of insulation improvements."

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