Homeowners 'could save thousands' by mortgage switch

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UK homeowners could save millions by making the effort to switch to an offset mortgage, new research states.

A report from the Yorkshire Bank reveals that four million homeowners across the UK would collectively save over £29 billion in interest and income tax by switching their mortgage - an average of over £11,000 per household.

Its data reveals that around four million people in the UK have their savings, current accounts and mortgages all from the same bank or building society - but many are missing out on making savings because they haven't combined them as an offset mortgage.

"The average homeowner who has their savings, current account and mortgage with the same bank but has not yet considered an offset mortgage could be missing out on a great opportunity," Gary Lumby, Yorkshire Bank's head of retail, said.

"With the recent rises in the Bank of England's Base, many offset mortgage homeowners can see the positive balances in their savings and current accounts working even harder to offset the mortgage interest. With built-in payment flexibility there is also an option to overpay or underpay."

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