Labour criticise Centrica for scaremongering over proposed price freeze

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Labour has accused British Gas' parent company Centrica of 'scaremongering' over the party's plans to introduce an energy price freeze.

Ed Miliband previously pledged to freeze energy prices for a 20 month period if his party are successful in the 2015 election. However during Centrica's profit announcement last week, its new chairman Rick Haythornthwaite suggested the current political arguments over the energy sector and energy prices could be "immensely damaging not just for Centrica but for the nation."

He also singled out the proposed price freeze from Labour and argued investment in the country could be hit hard as a result of the political bickering, with the threat of the lights going out in Britain looming ominously larger. He went on to insist what he said was not scaremongering however, but the Labour party strongly disagree.

Shadow energy secretary, Caroline Flint, said: "I think Centrica is scaremongering on this issue. I don't think the price freeze is going to contribute to the lights going out.

"Do they like the price freeze? No, of course they don't. This is about making sure we can give something back and where the price freeze can settle the market."

The main UK political parties have all made energy one of their top priorities with the elections on the horizon. With many energy consumers becoming more and more disgruntled with increases in energy bills and customer service, for which many of the 'Big Six' energy suppliers have been recently criticised on, appeasing them could be seen as a sure-fire vote winner.

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