Life insurance 'different' to motor or household cover

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Life insurance policies work in a slightly different way to car or home contents cover, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

A spokesperson for the body stated that unlike other premiums, when changes need to be disclosed at each renewal date, life insurance is a long term contract which means it may not be important to disclose changes.

He added that it is vital for people taking out life insurance to ensure they have provided an insurer with all of the details they need.

The spokesperson said: "Motor insurance and household insurance are annual contracts – you have to disclose changes in the risk at each renewal date. With a long-term life insurance contract it's slightly different.

"You don't normally have to disclose changes in your circumstances to your insurers after you've taken a policy out, providing you've fully disclosed all relevant information at the time."

Recent research by Prudential found that the UK life insurance market is the largest in Europe, with net premiums of around £105 million.

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