Miliband: 'No worries over gas supply'

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Consumers across the UK should not worry about the future of their gas supply, according the Ed Miliband.

The Energy Secretary said in an interview on BBC Radio 4's Today programme that it was important for the dispute between Russia and Ukraine to "be resolved as soon as possible".

Wholesale gas prices across Europe hit 73 pence a therm yesterday (January 8th), which represents a 26 per cent rise in only three days, with many countries across Europe left short of supplies.

Mr Miliband said that there are "legal obligations" which are being met to supply UK customers.

He added: "So I don't think people should be alarmed about this dispute for whether they are going to be able to use their gas in the months ahead."

Ian Marchant, the chief executive of Scottish & Southern Energy has told the Times that there are no reasons why energy prices in the UK should not fall in the next few weeks, despite the ongoing dispute.

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