Modified cars are 'high risk'

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Most insurers place modified cars in the high risk category, one expert says.

Nicholas Seal, spokesperson for motor information portal Modified Ride, says that such vehicles are placed in this segment because of the high numbers of younger drivers who want to show off their cars.

"As soon as you mention that your car is modified in any way, whether it be alloys or a new engine, most companies do say they are unable to insure you," Mr Seal explained.

"Most insurers do class modified cars as 'high risk' due to the amount of younger drivers who own modified cars wanting to show off," he went on.

"I personally know three people under 18 who have crashed a modified car, one of which has written off three in the first year of driving, so I would say 'yes', insurers do class them as high-risk."

A recent report carried out for an insurance company revealed that 90 per cent of men admitted that they had broken the 70 mph speed limit, with 66 per cent claiming that they had driven at over 100 mph on Britain's roads.

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