More than 20 million Brits lend money to family and friends

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Research has revealed that around a third of British people lend money to their loved ones, with the most money being loaned to help pay for household bills.

The AA personal loans survey found that people are willing to lend £607.22 a time to loved ones, but only half said they were repaid, with six per cent admitting to being too embarrassed to ask for their cash back.

Scottish people were the most generous, with 12 per cent willing to lend up to £5,000, compared to only eight per cent in the rest of the UK.

Head of AA personal loans Mark Huggins said: "Brits are clearly extremely generous when it comes to lending money.

"However, our research indicated that unless you can afford not to expect the money back immediately, don't feel pressured into shelling out your hard-earned cash."

Mr Huggins added that there were still loans with low borrowing rates available, meaning friction between loved ones could be avoided.

Meanwhile, the Citizens Advice Bureau has reported that it has seen calls for financial help rise by a third compared with last year, as householders struggle to cope with rising costs.

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