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England vs Wales Euro 2016 Stage One

The National Grid is expecting a surge in electricity demand across the UK tomorrow afternoon as England take on Wales in the Euro 2016 championships. The match, which kicks off at 2pm (BST) marks the second game for each team.

A ‘TV pick-up’ has been forecast, which is a spike in electricity demand that occurs when a large number of people open fridges doors, turn on the lights or put the kettle on at the same time. Often, a TV pick-up occurs when a television programme has ended or during an advertisement break; meaning the half time whistle during tomorrows England vs Wales match will be prime time for a TV pick-up.

Unsurprisingly analysts have identified that games featuring each of the home nations will create the biggest surges in electricity demand of the tournament.  

The biggest TV pick-up predicted during the tournaments early group stage is this afternoon’s match between Wales and England. Experts have forecast an increase of electricity demand during half time of 1100 megawatts (MW) at half time. This is equivalent to 73 million fridge doors opening or 440,000 kettles boiling at once.

Jeremy Caplin, Energy Forecasting Manager at National Grid has said: “as England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are all competing this summer, we anticipate these spikes will get bigger and bigger if any of the home nations progress into the knock-out rounds.”

National Grid has also forecast that if any of the home nations makes it to the final of the tournament and the match ends in penalties, there would be an electricity increase of 2000MW. The TV pick-up record is currently set at 2800MW following the penalty shoot-out in the 1990 World Cup semi-final between England and West Germany.

Full press release from this article can be found on the National Grid website here

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