New business energy rules come into effect

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Businesses unsure whether it would be best to switch energy supplier may be encouraged to compare electricity prices, as new Ofgem rules have come into effect today (April 28th).

Under the new proposals, companies will be required to inform customers of price rises 30 days before they are applied. This is a change from the previous guidelines which allowed them to notify consumers up to three months after increases had been put into practice.

Hannah Mummery from Consumer Focus explained the new methods will "give people the opportunity to budget for higher bills in advance" and allow them to consider the option of switching to a different tariff.

In March, Ofgem published a report criticising the industry for "failing" the people it serves and the organisation's chairman Lord Mogg said companies would be given eight weeks in which to respond to the plans.

Ms Mummery noted that it will be up to the regulator to apply pressure to suppliers until they provide a better service.

Posted by Richard Eden

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