New DECC Guide for Business Energy Efficiency

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When it comes to energy efficiency advice, there’s usually a heavy focus on households and domestic energy consumption. The energy industry has an abundance of advice and guides looking to assist households and homeowners with energy efficiency, but the same is not true for small businesses. SMEs are often overlooked with it comes to reducing energy costs and improving efficiency, which is why the DECC has produced a Guide to Energy Efficiency targeted entirely at small businesses owners.

According to the guide, the average small business could reduce its energy expenditure by as much as 25% through installing energy efficiency measures. What’s more, this figure only includes the efficiency measures with a payback period of 1.5 years on average, meaning that bigger savings could be had by those who invest in the larger energy saving measures.

As the guide highlights, about a third of small business owners believe the cost of energy to be a hindrance to the success and growth of their businesses – meaning that there is much more than just money to be saved by reducing energy expenditure. Some of the additional benefits highlighted are:

  • A more comfortable working environment
  • Protecting the business against future price hikes
  • A boost to the business’s green credentials
  • Attracting and retaining the right staff

The .pdf document begins by identifying the most basic changes that small business owners can make, before moving on to larger improvements, and also giving advice on long-term efficiency and employee involvement. The guide is complete with figures and case studies showing the costs and savings that can be had, which helps to put energy efficiency into a tangible, easy to understand format for small business owners. There is also a detailed section of switching business energy suppliers, so that SME owners fully understand all the money-saving options available to them.

The DECC’s business energy efficiency guide is based on real world experience, rather than speculative advice and assumptions, making it a real valuable resource for any small business owners wanting to improve their efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and ultimately boost their business’s bottom line.


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