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City high-fliers and other professionals who rely heavily on large annual bonuses can find keeping up regular payments throughout the year on their properties difficult.

Investec Private Bank hopes that a new mortgage, designed for people in such positions, will offer an attractive solution to this problem.

The firm is offering the new mortgage to high earners only – those who can show reliable earnings of £300,000 per annum and over – which will allow them to make small payments through most of the year and then catch up on interest payments when the bonus comes in.

Investec Private Bank claims that there are over 3,500 people working in the City of London along who earn up to £1 million per year in bonuses.

Spokesperson Wayne Preston said: "[The product] is predominantly aimed at high income earners in the City; a lot of the financial services companies, a lot of the listed companies – anyone on the London Stock Exchange. A lot of the senior directors and partners at these various firms earn their income in various different forms."

He went on: "We look at the average of the client's last three bonuses to determine the amount that they're going to earn. So it's unlikely that an individual in their very first year who's got a big bonus would fall into our criteria."

Loans are available under Investec's scheme for sums of up to £500,000, but only up to a maximum loan to value ratio of 80 per cent.

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