People 'need to save more for retirement'

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People in the UK have been urged by an expert to ensure they are putting enough money away for their retirement.

Donna Bradshaw, a financial planning strategist with IFG Financial Services, has stated that consumers "aren't saving enough in general" and suggested that the reasons why maybe due to "a cultural thing".

"We've moved away from the final salary schemes in favour of defined contribution schemes, for which the contribution levels have often been lower," she explained.

"But we also have people moving around in their jobs more, so that type of scheme is better for them, but people haven't appreciated how much they should be putting in."

She added that legislation may have also made pensions "unattractive" in recent years.

Recent research by YouGov, for Friends Provident, found that 20 per cent of people are losing confidence in the government's handling of their state pension.

It was also revealed that 47 per cent of people are "actively saving" in a personal pension to avoid having a dependence on state provision.

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