Recycling rates 'higher with alternate collection'

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Recycling rates are higher in council regions which employ alternate week bin collection, according to a new report from the Local Government Association (LGA).

The LGA's research shows that on average 30 per cent of household waste is recycled or composted in councils which use the alternate collection system.

In council regions still collecting bins weekly, this average recycling figure dropped to 23 per cent.

The top ten councils with the highest recycling rates in the UK all use the alternate collection system and eight out of ten of the most improved regions also use this method.

Sandy Bruce Lockhart, chairman of LGA, said that there must be an "urgent and radical overhaul" of the way rubbish is thrown away in the country.

"Councils are listening to local residents and taking action over their concerns about protecting the environment and helping tackle climate change," Mr Bruce Lockhart said.

"The move by some to alternate weekly bin collections is aimed at working with residents to reduce waste, increase recycling and slowing rising costs from EU legislation and higher landfill tax."

According to the LGA, the issue of recycling is imperative to the fight against climate change.

Mr Bruce Lockhart said: "The choice is simple and stark. Either people throw away more rubbish into their black bins and they will damage the environment or they recycle more and help save the planet."

Alternate weekly collection means the council will collect general rubbish one week and then the recycling bin the next, rather than simply only collecting rubbish every fortnight.

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