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Whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned home-mover, purchasing and moving into a new property is both an exciting and expensive time. There are some things you can do whilst moving, however, to reduce energy costs in your new home so you can put the money towards something else.

Check the Energy Performance Certificate

All properties that are being sold, rented or built in the UK must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) available for prospective buyers/renters to see. An EPC will show the information about a property’s energy efficiency and costs whilst also giving recommendations of how to reduce energy use in the property. The EPC also rates the energy efficiency of a property from A to G, with A being the most efficient. To ensure you will be paying the least amount on your energy bills, it can be worth looking for property’s that have a high energy efficiency rating.

Invest in Energy Efficient Goods

If you are moving into your first home and you need to kit yourself out with everything your home could need, it is a great opportunity to ensure you’re investing in the most energy efficient white goods that you can afford. Whilst the initial costs may be a little more than buying less energy efficient goods, you will feel the benefits each month when it comes to paying your energy bill! Even if you’re moving from another property and already have all of the white goods you need, a new home can be a great opportunity to upgrade to more energy efficient appliances.  

Switch your Energy Supplier

When moving into a new home, you may be put on the current supplier’s standard tariff which will more than likely be their most expensive tariff. With huge savings available each year simply by ensuring you’re on the right energy tariff for your needs, it’s important that you conduct an energy comparison when you move in.

Find out your current energy supplier

To be able to conduct a comparison you first need to know the current energy supplier in your home, however if you don’t know who this is don’t worry. To find out who currently supplies the energy in your home you can visit our Who Supplies my Gas and Electricity page. After this, you will be able to conduct a comparison and be well on your way to saving an average £302 per year on your domestic energy bills! 

Click here to run an energy price comparison, and see if you could be paying less for your gas and electricity.

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