Scotland to export electricity to Europe

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Scotland's first minister Alex Salmond is set to meet the European Union's North Sea grid co-ordinator to discuss the creation of an energy grid which would allow the country to export excess electricity to Europe.

Mr Salmond will meet George Adamowitsch, who believes the EU will not meet its targets on renewable energy without a major upgrade of its electricity grid.

Mr Adamowitsch, the European Commission co-ordinator preparing a blueprint for trans-European energy networks, said: "Given the good offshore sites in Scotland, an integrated European solution requires adequate transmission capacity.

"We need to move from national to European thinking to incorporate the full potential of offshore wind generation in the North Sea."

Last week the EU suggested it was planning to invest £30 million in researching possible solutions to the grid upgrade conundrum.

Meanwhile, Haliburton and Schlumberger – two major oil firms operating in the North Sea – have announced plans to cut jobs.

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