Secure and cheap energy 'relies on a range of technologies'

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Energy and climate change secretary Ed Miliband has said that the UK must be willing to try every possible option to reduce the cost and increase the security of its energy supply.

Writing for the Times, Mr Miliband said that no form of energy should be excluded from government policy relating to tackling climate change, delivering sustainability and reducing costs for businesses and households.

He claimed: "We must try every option to shift to a low-carbon world."

"As well as improving energy efficiency, we need to pursue the trinity of low-carbon technologies: renewables, nuclear and clean fossil fuels," he added.

The announcement follows comments from chancellor Alistair Darling, who vowed to establish a new fleet of low-carbon coal-fired power stations that use the latest carbon capture technology to reduce emissions.

Scottish first minister Alex Salmond said the country is ready to strengthen its lead in renewable energy, including carbon capture and storage technologies.

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