SMEs should 'switch insurers'

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The UK's small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) should make sure that they assess their insurance provision and switch if not satisfied - in order to promote competition among suppliers, a leading pressure group has said.

Simon Briault, from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), says that SME-owners can help ensure that the range of insurance products offered to them remains varied and of good value by doing their research and avoiding poor deals.

"The most important thing from our members' point of view is that there's a range of options," Mr Briault claimed.

"What that means then in terms of service is that the insurers are made to compete, effectively, against each other… If there's a good, healthy competition between insurance providers and small businesses are able to switch between providers and feel that they're getting the best deal, then that's the kind of situation where small businesses will benefit.

"Those are the kinds of conditions that we want to encourage," he added.

Mr Briault went on to say that SME-owners would have to be diligent when researching which kind of insurance offers them the best deal - as there is "no short cut" when attempting to find the ideal product.

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