Survey shows disconnect in opinions held by consumers and energy suppliers

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A recent survey conducted by Ernst and Young has revealed a consumer belief that the smart meters provided by other technology firms will be much more trustworthy than those of energy suppliers, according to an article published by BusinessGreen.

Ernst and Young's results come at a time when many energy companies are planning to offer smart meters to their customers - that will effectively allow them to reduce their energy bills.

The survey has been compiled using information gained from interviews conducted with 75 executives at power and utility firms, and consumers in 13 different countries.

Executives were shown to hold the belief that consumers had full trust in their ability to manage the impending roll of the smart meters.

Contrasting this opinion, however, consumers, whilst showing considerable anticipation for the smart meters, remained suspicious of the motives behind such an initiative - also adding that they held greater trust in the mobile phone firms also planning to utilise the same technology.

Advisory partner in Ernst and Young's power and utilities division, Richard Postance, wrote the report and made a further a statement stating the smaller energy companies could capitalise on this technology to gain a foothold in the market.

He said that: "The lack of public trust in energy companies... combined with technological convergence, means that firms with strong relationships with customers, expertise in managing their data and a heritage in supplying innovative technology have a unique opportunity to enter the energy market and provide high-vale services and products from adjacent markets."

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