The Independent: Switch supplier to get the best deals

Between 1 July 2019 and 31 December 2019, at least 10% of people who switched energy supplier for both gas & electricity with Uswitch saved £479 or more.

Switching your gas and electricity provider could mean you get to take advantage of deals suppliers reserve for new customers, according to the Independent.

The newspaper reports that as the UK is gripped by freezing temperatures it is important to make sure you're getting the best deal on your gas and electricity supply.

This echoes the advice of consumer group Which? and the Citizens Advice Bureau, both of which have said in the past that comparing prices could help you reduce your energy price.

According to the Independent, people who have not changed their tariff in the past year or more could save £430 by switching.

The article said: "If you never take the time to shop around and compare different tariffs it is very likely you are paying more than you need to."

Advice has been issued by the Department of Health stating that people should heat their homes to a temperature of 18 to 21 degrees when temperatures are low and households who are eligible should ensure they are receiving cold weather payments.

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