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The average saving for businesses who switch their energy with us at is £1150 per year. We’re sure you’ll agree that this is a huge amount for any business and it can really make a difference to your bottom line. A great way to spend this saving is on your team members, after all they’re who makes your business tick and a happy team is a hard working team! If you’ve recently switched business energy or are considering it, read on for some ideas on how to use the money you’ve saved on your annual energy bills to treat your team members.

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Improve Your Team’s Health and Wellbeing

It’s well-known that healthy workers are more productive, more focused and generally happier than those who aren’t! Looking after the health of your staff helps to improve their physical and mental well-being, resulting in less sick days. Treating your staff to a weekly fruit delivery can reduce dependency on unhealthy snacks and improve health. Fruit delivery companies such as Fruitdrop can deliver selections of fruit to your workplace for as little as £24 – a great way to spend your saving! Alternatively, why not help your team get their eight glasses a day by providing them with a fresh water dispenser? With plans available via quotation from Angel Springs (who keep us at UKPower HQ hydrated) depending on your need, there’s bound to be a package to quench the thirst of your team!

Help Your Team Reclaim Their Break

We all know that we need a break but unfortunately more and more of us choose to eat lunch whilst at our desks and a brew run is the most time away we spend from our desks all day! It’s important for both personal wellbeing and productivity that team members take adequate time away from their desks so having something to entice them away can be beneficial. If you have the space something like a ping pong table can be a great addition to an office to not only entice employees away from their desks but also to help them to keep active. With full ping pong tables costing around £200, you might want to pick up something else to keep your team entertained – how about an air hockey table for £499.95? A football table for £389.97? Or even a pool table for £615? Whatever you treat your team to they’re sure to feel valued and happier as a result!

Have a Team Away Day

We all know that work-life balance is important, but sometimes it’s good to mix the two. A team away day or evening out can really help your team bond away from the workplace and get to know each other on a more personable level. Whether you choose to spend your £1150 saving on a team meal out, or a full days team building – it will be a worthwhile investment! ‘Escape Rooms’ seem to be having a bit of a moment, and with quests popping up across the UK there’s sure to be an escape room near your workplace. They’re the perfect way for your team to bond whilst working together to solve clues! You can see a list of the best around the UK on Tripadvisor here.

So there you have it, a few ideas of how you could spend your business energy savings to treat your employees. If you’d like to see how much we can save your business then visit our business energy page and request a quote today.

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